What is Mymeleon?
The origin of mymeleon was an idea of a Swiss student, who thought it would be cool to have a simple tool which helped people to stay healthy and happy, and was based on well-founded information. He also realized that health and happiness result from the interaction of a person with his or her environment. It then was only a small step to choose the chameleon as the symbol to visualise this interaction.

Just as chameleons change their colour as a reaction to their environment, for example to reflect their mood, the mymeleon logo changes its colour according to the inflammatory state of the individual: from red (having a low-grade chronic inflammation), to green (representing a healthy state without inflammation).

Next to the bioinspired, colour-changing logo, Mymeleon became also the name of the company that adopted the idea of the Swiss student.
Low-Grade Chronic Inflammation
What is the low-grade chronic inflammation (LGCI)?

We are all familiar with acute inflammation; the biological reaction to heal a body that has incurred an injury. The injured skin area gets red, swells, heats up and becomes pain-sensitive. Very importantly, after the acute inflammation has done its job of healing the affected area, it disappears. This is necessary, because the inflammatory response is quite strong. If it was not, it could not lead to healing.

LGCI is similar to acute inflammation, however it is not as strong and it cannot acutely heal the body. Another difference is that LGCI does not disappear like the acute inflammation. This is what makes LGCI such a big problem. It is like a constant drip that wears away a stone; if it persists long enough, it has a heavy impact on the body, which is not a nice experience.

After years of research, the scientific evidence is now so strong, that LGCI is considered an important trigger – or common soil – for many chronic diseases.

Why is the low-grade chronic inflammation (LGCI) called “silent” or “secret”?

While one perceives the acute inflammation through the pain or heat, and one sees the redness of an inflamed skin area, the presence of the LGCI does not manifest itself outwardly. No pain, no swelling, no redness, no heat. One can measure various substances in the blood reflecting the state of LGCI, but one cannot feel the LGCI.
This is actually the perfidious part of the LGCI: it is there, but one is not aware of it. Scientists called it a “silent” state. The media, such as Time magazine, apparently preferred a stronger wording and named it a “secret killer”.

Are you sure that low-grade chronic inflammation (LGCI) is really a health problem?


The description “secret killer” sounds extreme, but LGCI is without doubt a major health issue. It has been linked to so many diseases and unhealthy conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, mental health or diabetes, that LGCI seems to be the missing piece that links these different diseases in our society. LGCI has long been known to exist within the realm of several diseases, independent of each other, but it was only recently, that LGCI has been identified in so many diseases that one now considers LGCI to be the common denominator.

Is there a cure for low-grade chronic inflammation (LGCI)?

That is the good part about this unhealthy state. Yes, without a doubt one can get rid of LGCI.

The magic pill lowering LGCI and ultimately removing it completely without side effects has not been discovered yet. And it will likely be very difficult to discover such a pill. The reason is, that if one tries to block LGCI, one also blocks acute inflammation, which is an absolutely necessary protective process.

The safe way to fight LGCI lies elsewhere. First, one needs to identify its cause. Then, one can start addressing them. Mymeleon follows this safe process in a non-invasive way; it looks for the cause of the LGCI and delivers personalized tips to tackle it.

Mymeleon Anti-inflammaging API
Why does Mymeleon call itself an anti-inflammaging company?

The mission of Mymeleon is to remove LGCI from the population. As a persistent LGCI state leads to premature aging, this condition was named “inflammaging” at the beginning of this century. By tackling LGCI, one automatically fights premature aging as well. Thus, Mymeleon became the first anti-inflammaging company in the world.

What is an anti-inflammaging API?

If one wants to reach many people, there is only way to do so: the digital highway, available independently of time and place. Mymeleon uses APIs to receive and deliver information to communities using this digital highway. With our APIs, our B2B clients become empowered to help fight the LGCI of their clients or users.

How does the anti-inflammaging API work?

The API requests information from the end-user to understand and score their LGCI status, for example their dietary and physical activity behaviour. The LGCI is then estimated in an automated and non-invasive way using AI, which also selects the tips, relating to positive lifestyle modifications, that are delivered to the individual.

What types of tips do you provide?

We cover the areas that have a validated impact on LGCI: nutrition, physical activity, cognition, and environment. As soon as new risk factors are discovered and validated, we will integrate them in our proprietary algorithm. With mymeleon, you will always be using the state-of-the-art to fight LGCI.
Our tips are not only related to the individual’s situation in the above mentioned areas, but they are also tailored to the field of our B2B client.
For example, tips related to the automotive industry include those directly relevant to sitting in a car and driving. Since stress increases LGCI, a tip in the case of a stressful traffic jam situation would be to think about a favourite song and then start singing it. Of course, only if one is alone in the car!
Have a look at our list of industries to discover which fields we cover. And in case your field is missing, please contact us.
We are confident that we can develop bespoke tips for your field.

Are the tips scientifically validated?

We are a science-based company. So, yes, our tips are based on scientific evidence.

We have a team of experts covering all the areas in which we are delivering tips. They have screened the extensive scientific literature and the tips we deliver are derived from interventions that have been documented to reduce LGCI – or at least to significantly reduce the risk of a diseases or state of ill health.

How can I use the anti-inflammaging APIs?

If you are company or organization with many clients or users, you can integrate our APIs into your tools and services, so that you can serve your clients or users directly through an environment they already know.

If you are not a company or organization, you can look for those that offer tools or services that carry the anti-inflammaging index (AGI®) trademark. Only they use our proprietary algorithm and rely on the anti-inflammaging API.

What is the science and the technology behind the mymeleon anti-inflammaging API?

The science is the enormous amount of evidence resulting from thousands of research studies dealing with the different non-communicable diseases, their risk factors and the behaviour modifications needed to reduce and ultimately eliminate LGCI. While each single scientific publication is publicly available, we have collated this literature and developed a unifying view about LGCI and a comprehensive approach to fight it.

Do you collaborate on research projects?

Yes, we would love to collaborate with you!

As a science-based company, we are devoted to high-class scientific projects. If you have a research proposal or an ongoing project related to LGCI and think we can contribute, please contact our scientists.

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