The arena where science and Mymeleon meet.

Mygradient gives scientists the opportunity to transform their knowledge into applicable actions and, thus, to empower the humanity to follow an anti-inflammaging lifestyle.

What is Mygradient?

Mygradient is the virtual arena uniting scientists and entrepreneurs who have the vision of a healthy and happy humanity free of low-grade chronic inflammation. Free of low-grade chronic inflammation means also preventing premature aging.

Mymeleon partners with investors, B2B companies, social networks companies, and other large communities. This creates unique opportunities for scientists to transfer their valuable knowledge into innovative and disruptive lifestyle behaviours, which help to fight low-grade chronic inflammation and premature aging

This anti-inflammaging lifestyle is brought to the community members with single TIPS of any possible format, such as videos, text or audio messages. The TIPS are created by the scientists as response to the current lifestyle of a community member, which is assessed by appropriate profiling of the member through classical or innovative methods. Everything is possible, as long as it is scientifically validated.

Expanding the anti-inflammaging knowledge is another mean by which scientists can contribute to the vision of a humanity free of low-grade chronic inflammation. 

From small research trials to collections of big data, Mymeleon will integrate the evidence created by you and will help translating it into applicable TIPS using artificial intelligence.

Once Mymeleon has assessed the scientific validity of your work, the TIPS created by you will be integrated into Mymeleon’s system and made available to the communities of our B2B clients.

Mymeleon remunerates your work according to milestones with payments, royalties, shares and special prizes and awards based on the agreement with the B2B client.

The TIPS and the corresponding profiling that are made available to the B2B clients will be open for rating by the community members.

Ready to become part of our adventure?

Together we strive for a humanity free from low-grade chronic inflammation.
The process for contributing tips and profiling:

1. You submit an application including your CV demonstrating your expertise in the field of low-grade chronic inflammation

2. Mymeleon assesses your submission and upon approval accredits you as member of the Mymeleon’s Expert Community. This might take a moment.

3. You generate tips with the corresponding profiling and upload it into the Mymeleon Expert System

4. Mymeleon validates your contribution and upon acceptance integrates into Mymeleon’s system

5. Your contribution is delivered to the B2B client through the Anti-Inflammaging API of Mymeleon

6. The B2B client delivers your contribution to its own community of members

7. You have contributed to the improvement of the quality of life in our society

The Mymeleon
Expert Community 

Freedom of creativity

As a scientist, you sometimes are trapped in rigid rules that suppress creativity. But we honour creativity. You can be disruptive. And thinking out of the box is very welcome. We think that the left and right hemisphere of the brain can work in tandem. Of course, only as long the scientific validity does not suffer.

Contribute whenever you want

You have all the freedom and flexibility you want. You can contribute whenever you have time, according to your own schedule. Obviously, the more you contribute the larger the benefits will be – for everybody.

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Together we strive for a humanity free
from low-grade chronic inflammation.