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mymeleon Ltd. appoints Dr. Paolo Colombani as Chief Operating Officer

Zug, Switzerland, October 1, 2019 — mymeleon Ltd. is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Paolo Colombani as Chief Operating Officer and member of the executive with effect from October 1, 2019. Paolo brings more than 25 years’ experience of working internationally as a scientist, most of it at one of the leading Universities of the World, the ETH Zurich. He always focused on a holistic view to integrate the relevant factors responsible for performance and maintaining human health and to bridge the gap between science and the general population. 

Dr. Christoph von Arb, President of the board said: “I am very pleased and honoured that Dr. Colombani has joined the mymeleon team. He will be key to realizing the full potential of our assets and making strategic decisions on how to implement them. Paolo brings a wealth of experience and broad expertise covering substantial parts of the scientific background. He also has the necessary understanding of the IT and global environment. I look forward to working with Paolo as he creates and builds our operating organization to turn our cutting edge technologies into anti-inflammaging products and services to benefit the global community.”

Paolo Colombani commented: “I am thrilled to join the mymeleon executive team at this critical stage, where high class scientific evidence are being merged with cutting edge technologies in Artificial Intelligence in order to provide personalized healthcare to the public. The time is truly ripe as it only recently became clear that many of our non-communicable diseases like diabetes, adiposity, or depression share the common ground of a low-grade chronic inflammation and, thus, the preventive measures can be focused on reducing this particular type of inflammation, which is also associated with premature aging. The anti-inflammaging approach of mymeleon via API has an enormous potential for all of us. Through the collaboration with large companies with many clients and users we will empower many people to live a longer and healthier life with less disabilities.”


About Dr. Paolo Colombani

Paolo Colombani studied Food Engineering, and earned his PhD, at ETH Zurich. For the first 15 years of his career, Paolo worked at ETH Zurich as a lecturer and researcher, at the intersection of food, nutrition, and physical activity in relation to metabolic responses, health maintenance and disease prevention. Paolo played an integral role in directing the Swiss food composition database towards international standardization and consequently, became president of EuroFIR, the European not-for-profit association for food composition databases, which originated from a Network of Excellence of the European Commission. Paolo’s scientific services and technical expertise have been engaged by the Swiss Government, Swiss Olympic, Antidoping Switzerland, the food industry, several national and professional sporting teams including FC Basel, individual elite athletes, and by many Swiss medical and health associations, to which he regularly offers further education programs in nutrition, physiology and metabolic health. Paolo has amassed a vast scientific experience and developed his leadership over the course of his career, through his participation in large-scale research projects of the European Commission; organizing and leading many scientific projects and several transnational conferences; supervising more than hundred student theses; acting as an executive board member of several professional associations, including the Swiss Society of Nutrition; founding the Swiss Sports Nutrition Society and becoming its first president; and most recently, being appointed CSO of a start-up in the field of weight management as well as developing a new line of premium food supplements. Paolo is also co-founder of mymeleon and involved in its activities since 2015.


About mymeleon Ltd.

mymeleon Ltd. is a privately held, science based Swiss technology company. It endeavors to improve people’s health with its anti-inflammaging products and services. Built on a solid foundation by merging state-of-the-art science and AI, it continues the innovative philosophy of the founders who are devoted to keeping communities healthy.



For further information on mymeleon Ltd., please contact info@mymeleon.com;


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