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mymeleon Ltd. presenting at the 13th International Food Data Conference, Lisbon

Zug, Switzerland, October 16, 2019 – mymeleon’s Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Paolo Colombani, and co-founder Francesco Cavalli will jointly present their work on next generation food composition databases, which incorporate biomarker-derived data, at the upcoming 13th International Food Data Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, from October 14-18 2019. The theme of the biennial Conference is «Challenges for Food Databases in the Bioinformatics Era».

mymeleon’s contribution at the conference, which includes an oral presentation, will depict a new view on the generation and use of food composition databases. The integration of food data based on the direct association of nutrients and foods with the inflammatory state of the body, represents an expansion of the classical use of food composition databases, which usually relies only on the chemical composition of the foods analysed ex-vivo and not on the effects they exert in the body. By adding values to foods that also represent direct, in-vivo metabolic effects, the potential of food composition databases will be greatly improved.

The addition of data representing the inflammatory potential of foods will form the basis for the development of foods with anti-inflammatory properties. It will also simplify the process of enacting regulations on Health Claims related to the inflammatory potential of foods. Such Health Claims will ensure that customers will be informed in an evidence-based, transparent way and protected from fraud and misleading claims. 

mymeleon will also participate in one-to-one meetings with companies, regulators, and scientists to discuss the challenges that need to be overcome by the next generation food composition databases in order to be used by all the different players and stakeholders in the field of food composition. In particular, mymeleon will present the case for the use of the inflammatory potential of foods and the other anti-inflammaging services and products of mymeleon’s ecosystem of solutions, in order to prevent chronic diseases and premature aging.

About International Food Data Conference IFDC

The IFDC is co-organized by INFOODS of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and this year’s local host, the Portuguese National Health Institute Instituto Nacional de Saúde Dr. Ricardo Jorge. The IFDC is the major conference on food composition databases and covers all topics from the production of analytical data to its application and interaction with users. It serves as a platform to discuss ongoing and future challenges with the generation and use of food data, which form the basis for many applications ranging from food policies and legislation to medical epidemiology, and aim at achieving better nutrition worldwide.


About mymeleon Ltd.

mymeleon Ltd. is a privately held, science based Swiss technology company. It endeavors to improve people’s health with its anti-inflammaging products and services. Built on a solid foundation by merging state-of-the-art science and AI, it continues the innovative philosophy of the founders who are devoted to keeping communities healthy.



For further information on mymeleon Ltd., please contact info@mymeleon.com;

For further information on mymeleon’s participation at the IFDC, please contact Dr. P. Colombani directly: paolo.colombani@mymeleon.com


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