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mymeleon Ltd. – The start-up is out of the garage

Zug, Switzerland, May 5, 2019. Today, the mymeleon founders released a new company out of the garage. But just don’t ask for too many details yet.

On Sunday, the founders launched mymeleon, a stealth start-up using AI and cutting-edge science to give their B2B partners with large communities of users, the opportunity to empower their clients in the area of healthcare via API.

The company also announced CHF 1 million seed money, organized under the lead of Lorenzo Dell’Ovo Allori, one of the early stage investors. There were also 5 pre-seed money rounds, coordinated by the founders themselves.

The company originated from the idea of a Swiss student. Yes, a student. Francesco Cavalli is his name. One should listen to young people; they hold unbiased views. The idea was to have a simple tool which helped people to stay healthy and happy and was based on well-founded information. After numerous exchanges with the former ETH Zurich scientist Paolo Colombani and other experts, it became clear how to create the tool. It needed to be a conglomerate of human and artificial intelligence. Only with this merger one can empower a vast number of people while ensuring that everything is based on high-class, well-founded scientific evidence.

“The expert system combined with Artificial Intelligence can deliver infinite tips to fight low-grade chronic inflammation”, said Francesco, the student co-founder. “Applying that approach to healthcare”, he said, “we can also reduce the economic burden related to diseases by keeping the community happy and healthy. No doubt about that”.

While the company won’t provide any details about its products until customer testing is finished later this year, the mymeleon’s expert team will continue to expand on the already solid scientific fundamentals and create additional algorithms to increase the accuracy of the predictive AI model, upon which the Anti-Inflammaging API relies.

Vera Cavalli, Fabio Cavalli, and Patrick Pozzorini spent 10 years at mondoBIOTECH AG, a pioneer in rare and neglected diseases, rising from a start-up to an international and listed company with more than 2,4 billion market cap on the Swiss stock exchange. Now, with advancements in technology, the analysis of big data in nutrition, physical activity, cognition, and environment, and the creation of personalized tips with the help of AI, has become reality. 

The mymeleon company started in 2015 and since then the number of people involved increased steadily. Among them, in absolute random order, Marco Pozzo, former chairman of Sigma, an IT company sold to an Italian listed company; Kellie Pritchard-Peschek, PhD, sports scientist from Brisbane; Michele Libutti, an MD from the Mediterranean region; Tariq Mughal, MD, professor in haematology and oncology from Tufts University Boston.

And the name? We saw a chameleon changing colour based on its behaviour. We thought, let’s see if we can change our colour by changing our behaviour like they do. Only that our colour mirrors our state of low-grade chronic inflammation. You also think that is a nice idea? That’s exactly why we already patented it.

So, that’s mymeleon. Let’s now start keeping our communities healthy and happy.


About mymeleon Ltd.

mymeleon Ltd. is a privately held, science based Swiss technology company. It endeavors to improve people’s health with its anti-inflammaging products and services. Built on a solid foundation by merging state-of-the-art science and AI, it continues the innovative philosophy of the founders who are devoted to keeping communities healthy.



For further information on mymeleon Ltd., please contact info@mymeleon.com;


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