Decrease Inflammaging
with Science and AI

The first anti-inflammaging solution API for B2B clients with large communities of users

How it Works

B2B clients keep their community of users healthy through our APIs in 3 simple steps, powered by AI and the world’s largest and most powerful inflammatory database

1. Profile

Profile users by a digital anamnesis to assess inflammation-relevant aspects of their lifestyle

2. Score

Calculate a personalized inflammatory score, the Inflammaging Index (AGI®), by processing the user data with a proprietary algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence

3. Tips

Deliver personalized TIPS in movement, nutrition, environment and cognition to reduce low-grade chronic inflammation

A unique opportunity for companies

Our approach allows a company to comprehensively understand their community of users and to follow them any time, in any situation, by integrating our APIs into the services and products of B2B clients

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